Adria Ceelen

My work can be summarized as 'narrative'. It is associative, layered, and touches on contemporary visual culture.

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David Proud; philosopher

Adria Ceelen is graced with such an exceptional gift of visionary and inventive expressiveness that can convey to us, by the operations of her very singular creative thaumaturgy, dreams and enigmas, through the eliciting of the visible and the invisible, the flagrant and the suggested, in forms compelling, in forms recognizable, in forms unexpected, and in forms instructive serving to edify and grant deliverance, fettered as we are by the mundane concerns and anxieties of our diurnal lives, as even the insignificant achieves significance in this consummate art. The work created through diverse media exhibits a surprising juxtaposition of seemingly unconnected objects, for everything connects within Adria’s artistic vision; so much at odds with our seemingly fragmentary existences, and underlying which is always an uncommon humour and predilection for the absurd; if nothing is ever quite what it seems, what seems is often nothing. The works of art are enhanced by a remarkable authenticity and individuality and they resonate, for they mirror our regrets and dissatisfactions with the world as it is, with that which might be so but is not so, and with our pursuit of significance in a world apparently bereft of it; they are also the product of an exquisite craftsmanship and technique, without which none of this would work.

Huddersfield, 18-10-2019